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28th Annual Street Car Nationals® Report

28th Annual Street Car Nationals® Report

28th Annual MOONEYES
Street Car Nationals®

Apr. 13, 2014 at Odaiba Aomi Parking N&O Area
- 28th Annual Street Car Nationals® -

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4月13日(日)にお台場 青海駐車場 N&Oエリアにて 第28回 ムーンアイズ ストリート カーナショナルズ® を開催致しました。開催1週間前はまさかの雨予報となっていましたが、皆さんの祈りが通じたのか、天候もよく日中は半袖で丁度いい気持ちのいい一日となりました。今年は会場の都合により、エントリー枠の制限を設けさせて頂きましたが、 Car Show は700台、スワップミートは100軒と十分一日楽しめたのではないでしょうか?

このストリート カー ナショナルズ®面白い所は、アメリカ ナイズドされた車両であれば、USA車はもちろん国産車、ヨーロッパ車、さらには K-Car もエントリー可能で、カスタムの仕方も様々なジャンルが集ます。今年も個性的な車や、トラディショナルな車両が多く MOONEYES STAFF も楽しませて頂きました。

そして会場で販売した東日本大震災復興支援 ステッカー "ARIGATAI" Thankful! バンパーステッカー も多くの人が協力してくださいました。 MOONEYES Area-1、MQQN Cafe では継続して販売しておりますので、引き続き御協力お願い致します。

さらに 2014年 HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW の合言葉 "BE CALM NOT LOUD"落ち着いて うるさくしないで "SHIZUKANI"ステッカーの配布がSCNよりスタート致しました。



今年はこの合い言葉でショー当日はCoolにお越し下さい。このステッカーはMQQNEYES Area-1、MQQN Cafe 、各イベント会場などで このアイデアに賛同/ご協力頂ける方々にFreeでお配りしています。友達に伝えて下さい "Be Calm Not Loud"、 "SHIZUKANI"です。

On Sunday April 13, 2014 in Odaiba, Tokyo at the N&O Parking area of Aomi was the 28th Annual Mooneyes Street Car Nationals car show and swap meet.

Leading up to the event, there were concerns about rain as it was forecast but a few days prior to the date, the weather miraculously cleared up! With mild breezes all day and slight cloud cover, it was another perfect day for an outdoor event. Thank you to everyone that made the trek out to Odaiba to spend the day with us. The event space was comparably smaller than previous years thereby limiting the amount of vehicles and vendors to take part but the huge benefit was not being as exhausted after taking a few laps checking out everything possible. In the end, you walked away with the full satisfaction of eye candy pleasure. And of course, for swap meet shoppers, loads of things to find and buy!

There were 700 show cars and 100 swap meet vendors this year and 10,000 spectators fill the scene. A great was to spend the day by yourself or with the entire family. We had a lot of visitors from overseas this year including but not limited to Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and USA. Speaking of USA, Discovery's Velocity Channel sent over one of their best programs, "Car Crazy" TV Show to film our event and "Car Crazy People" here in Japan. Their host of the show, Barry Meguiar was truly blown away by the cars and crowd.

Being the 28th consecutive year that Street Car Nationals has been held, the best part about the show are the spectators and the variety of cars. From American cars to Japanese models, this event has it all. Both stock and mild customs to traditional and wild Kustoms there's so much variety and it demonstrates that the custom lifestyle continues strong here in Japan.

Over at the Mooneyes Offical Booth we had event-only limited T-shirts that quickly sold out and a new charity bumper sticker "ARIGATAI" (Thankful) that was very popular. Thank you for your support as sales from the bumper sticker will be donated to charity.

To help promote our initiative to keep the noise level down at the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2014 (Dec. 7) we handed out cool red oval stickers campaigning the theme "BE CALM NOT LOUD". These stickers will be available at Mooneyes Area-1, MOON Cafe and at any Mooneyes Booth at events throughout Japan. For more information about this and HCS2014, please visit our event website at

Now back to our 28th Annual Mooneyes Street Car Nationals event report (SCN2014)! Congratulations to the award cars this year which are featured first below followed by random shots from the entire day. The car gallery is linked below and categories into car groups. We look forward to another spectacular event next year and hope you join us! Thank you for spending the day with us at SCN2014!

それでは EVENT Report をお楽しみください。
(※MOONEYES STAFF が必至で撮影させて頂きましたが、一部掲載漏れの車両がある場合がございます。予めご了承ください。)

SCN2014 Award
Mr. Nakamura 1971 Chevy Chevelle Wagon
Mr. Nishigouri 1980 Mitsubishi Debonair
Mr. Nomura 1975 VW T-1
Mr. Oishi 1999 Toyota Hilux
Mr. Taniguchi 1967 Toyota Corolla
Long Distance Award
Mr. Nishio 1965 VW T-1 (802 km From Simane)
Early Bird Award
Mr. Kanei 1968 Dodge Dart

- 28th Annual Street Car Nationals® -

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