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MOONEYES Int'l Magazine 2017 Summer

MOONEYES Int'l Magazine
2017 Summer
MOONEYES ブースにてお買い求め頂けます!

MQQNEYES International Magazine がいよいよ発売開始となりました!5/14(日) 東京お台場で開催する 31st Annual MOONEYES Street Car Nationals® の MOONEYES ブースでもお買い求め頂けます!今回も内容盛りだくさんでお届け致しますので、是非会場でお買い求めください!

You can buy it at MOONEYES booth!

MQQNEYES International magazine is now released! On May 14th(Sun) Odaiba Tokyo, there is 31st Annual MOONEYES Street Car Nationals® and also at MOONEYES booth you can buy the magazine! Lots of exciting information is in it so, if you still don't have it let's get it at the event!

Half Year に一度発行している "MQQNEYES International Magazine"(MIM) 。

巻頭は昨年の MIM 2016 Summer 号で Shige-Suganuma より語られた "日本での30年" の続きとして、 MOONEYES が過去に製作した Car & Motorcycle にスポットを当て、当時語られる事が無かった製作秘話を Shige-Suganuma が紐解きます。200台オーバーの過去に製作した車両が完全網羅された今号は、MOONEYES ファン必見の内容です。

さらに、昨年末に開催した Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2016へ出展した
3台の MOONEYES Staff's Triumph のその後を追った「SUNNY THEN TRIUMPH」をお届けします。

そして、人気の MOONEYES Pinstriper ワイルドマン 石井 の Wildman's Talk は、机上のオールオッズナショナルズを開催! 期待を裏切らないマニアックな内容でお届け致します!

他にも、IGNITE Magazine "Hideki Ishibashi" が MQQN Cafe のデザート メニューにスポットを当てた「本当のアメリカを味わいたければ、MQQN Cafe のデザートを食らえ!」 では MQQN Cafe の全てのデザート メニューを食した彼だからこそ語る事のできる独特の視点で見た MQQN Cafe のデザート メニューを徹底 Report!


"MQQNEYES International Magazine (MIM)" published once a Half Year.
We will deliver with many information.

In the beginning it continues from Shige-Suganuma's "30 Years In Japan " from last year's MIM 2016 Summer volume. And then give spot light to Car & Motorcycle that MOONEYES made in the past, and Shige-Suganuma will disclose the story behind the development that was not told at the time. MOONEYES Fan must see this volume with over 200 Car & Motorcycle made in the past, fully covered!

Moreover we will also deliver [SUNNY THEN TRIUMPH] which went after 3 MOONEYES Staff's Triumph that was exhibited at last year's Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2016.

Popular MOONEYES Pinstriper Wildman Ishii's "Wildman's Talk" is opening of All Odds Nationals on the desk! It will be a maniac contents that will meet your expectations!

In addition, there is IGNITE Magazine of "Hideki Ishibashi" give spot light to MQQN Cafe dessert menu [If you want to taste real USA, eat MQQN Cafe's dessert!] This article will report MQQN Cafe's dessert menu from his unique perspective. Because he has eaten all the dessert menu, there is something that can be only told by him.

We will be delivering more other exciting information!

いつも以上に内容盛りだくさんの MQQNEYES International Magazine 。お見逃しなく!

オールカラー / 225ページ / バイリンガル表示
[MGCAT17-19] 1,000円 (税別) /each

Last but not least, for MIM Spring Volume there will be MOONEYES Complete Catalog included will all the MOONEYES produced items.

Don't miss, MQQNEYES International Magazine with all sorts of information than ever!

All color / 225 pages / Bilingual
[MGCAT17-19] 1,000 Yen (without tax) /each

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